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Building and expanding pathways for HBCU students to alternative investment management.

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AltFinance is proud and inspired by the success achieved in year one.

Launched in June 2021, AltFinance is a collective effort and cross-sectoral partnership working to tackle the root challenges facing diversity in the alternative investment industry. In year one, AltFinance moved closer to achieving its mission of creating a pathway for Black students into the alternatives industry by launching the AltFinance Fellowship.

The inaugural cohort of fellows participated in five months of immersive curriculum, networking, and workshops to learn about the alternative investment industry and how to navigate a successful career in the finance field. Nearly 70% of fellows are now part of the pipeline to careers in finance through summer internships at alternative investment firms or investment banks.

With the establishment of the AltFinance Institute, more students will benefit from AltFinance’s work in years to come. In its second year, AltFinance plans to provide more students with opportunities to thrive in the alternative investment field.

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Developed and implemented in partnership with MLT, the AltFinance Fellowship provides students from partner HBCUs (Clark Atlanta University, Howard University, Morehouse College, and Spelman College) intensive preparation, mentorship and guidance for breaking into alternatives.

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AltFinance Fellows will be eligible for need-based scholarships.

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Virtual Institute

Students at all HBCUs can take courses in our virtual institute, where we’ll provide a mix of top tier academic content from finance programs at HBCUs and our academic strategic partner the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania as well as new content developed by professionals at Apollo, Ares, and Oaktree.

Why Alternatives?

Alternative investing, a sub-section of asset management, is a trillion-dollar industry that invests in companies and assets. Alternative investment firms are supported by investors with independent wealth funds, governments, and pension funds. With a focus on private equity and credit, venture capital, real estate, infrastructure, and more, it’s a vast, influential field that thrives on creative thinking and people and ideas that break the mold.

Careers in alternatives are fast-paced, intellectually demanding, and limitless, and the people who work in the field make a tangible impact by funding innovation, financing important projects in fields like renewable energy and healthcare, and more. Recruiting talent with diverse perspectives is essential to help shape these complex investing decisions.

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